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The long wait is over! After nearly an entire baseball season (which is much longer than a bocce season) we are ready to roll at what many consider, the best bocce league in the nation. 

Overlooking historic Wrigley Field, this pallino palace has been a hub for American Bocce for two years now. We've set up courts up, down, and all around the sprawling modern bar and restaurant but you'll typically find us on the second floor. The vibe is big and boisterous so if you're the type of person who measures the success of your evening by how much fun you have, this is the league for you! (Aren't we all?!)  No skill necessary, but by the end of one season, you'll make the jack your snack. 

Teams will enjoy two games a night for six weeks and an epic end to the 2019 season on week 7, better known as playoff night. Teams roll with four players per game but can keep up to eight on a roster. Subs are cool, forfeits aren't. 

If you have any questions, need help fielding a team, or just wanna talk bocce, Dan is your man. Hit him up at . 


  • Sam is such a great bartender, she deserves to be her very own feature.
  • Fernet Branca shots and cocktails
  • Thursday is burger and beer night!


Confirmed team list- 9 of 24

A Winning Combo of Bocce and Malort.
Katie Freeman
Andrew Benzer
Nicole Benzer
Megan OMara
Alicia Harvey
Migos made us do it.
Kerry Cummings
Katie Zimmer
Andrew Acosta
Julia Storm
Kelly Blahnik
We came, we saw, we kicked some ass
Nicholas Zausch
Kevin Schafer
Mikayla Lofton
Tierney Mason
Amanda Burns
Abby Elmer
Hey, you guys!
Jackie Semko
abby herstich
cheryl reimer
Caroline Simpson
Here for the beer
Justin Kerzie
Emily Krippinger
Robert Schroeder
Charlie Nahra
Anne Cunningham
Rookie team
Susan Korn
John Hoeksema
Brigid Congdon
Eric Congdon
Bad mo-fos
Steve Heftman
Thomas Popovics
Elizabeth Ojile
Katie Trueman
Lauren McDermott
Ellie Meyer
Lo Lo
We’re all about the Hot Shots
Bob Brege
Andrew Kroncke
Grant Markowicz
Kevin Delisi

Unconfirmed Team List

Scott Henke
It's a drinking game.
Alex Gara
Lydia Willis
Matt David
Matt David
Alicia Harvey
Dan Spomer
Scott and his best friend, Brett, take a trip to the Brickhouse after their girlfriends break up with them. Scott's ex-girlfriend, Katherine, is participating in a bocce league at the Brickhouse, which was the initial cause of their breakup. Meanwhile, Brett's ex has begun dating sleazy bocce leaguer Bryce. Scott and Brett seek out ways to ruin the bocce league.
Bryce Barnes
Scott Hynek
Better have that Funk
Jared McPartlin
Ashley Funk
Keith Young
Hayden Sweet