The American Bocce Company
Bridge 410 Bocce Jingle Balls 2019


Jingle Balls 2019 is here! All of our friends from every corner of Chicago bocce can reach are invited to our one-day, year-end celebration. This big bash features food trucks, a holiday bake-off, year-end superlatives, and much more...but the centerpiece of the afternoon is our MIXED DOUBLES TOURNAMENT. 

How does it work? It's simple. You and a teammate sign up as a duo. And we randomly pair you with another duo. To be clear, gender has nothing to do with it. Name you team whatever you want but know that will be altering that team name when we mash you up with the other two. 

It's $25 per pair to sign up. Each team is guaranteed at least two games, and if you move on to the playoffs, a chance to win some incredible prizes. The tournament begins at 3:30 and the championship will take place at about 6:30, shortly after some very special announcements and a surprise performance.

The theme of this year's party is ISLAND OF MISFITS so we highly suggest dressing in some attire to play off of that. Come hungry, come thirsty, come ready to mingle, come ready to jingle. 


  • ful bar
  • passed appetizers and food truck(s)
  • all tournament players get to sample and judge in holiday bake-off
  • surprise performance
  • ABC merch pop-up store


Confirmed team list- 40 of 38

Slam Piece Hotties
Alicia Harvey
David Sartoris
Why’s the carpet all wet?
Lo Lo
Bryce Barnes
But why?
Christopher MacGregor
Two queens of orient are
Katie Trueman
Lauren McDermott
When 2 become 1
Allassandra Ventola
Katy Shelman
21 Ships and Counting
John Brady
Michael Brady
Jingle Balls Duo
Monica Siggelkov
George Rosch
Bippity Bocce Boo
caroline davis
Ali Greco
Alissa Bugh
Nick Neu
Keith and Kate's Bocce Domination
Kate Adams
Keith Young
mother and father
Sergio Santillan
Courtney Feightner
Paul Munda
Taylor Sheppard
Fubky Special
Jared McPartlin
Ashley Funk
The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear
Michelle Corbett
Carmen and Brett
Brett Carrillo
Carmen Miller
Jonathan Taylor Thomas fan club
Mackenzie Scott
Emily Krippinger
Justin Kerzie
Allie Haling
Bob Brege
Paige doesn’t know what Yule is
Erica Bohac
Paige Burnes
Ooh a championship, that's mine!
Chris Prokop
Wes Prokop
Pancake Nasty
Sammy Wachholz
Christy Gregory
Be Good Or We'll Toss You in Our Sack.
Billy Dunlap
Shawna Watts
Self Explanatory
Bryor Renz
Debra Madans
Anne Cunningham
Robert Schroeder
damn joker got away...
sarah berggren
Leo J. Marino IV
Two turd ol’ doves.
Nida Khoutakoun
Keep the change.
Scott Evard
Stephanie Evard
A classic wedding song
Erica Kucharski
Daniel and Caroline
Daniel Morrow
Caroline Sietmann
Mother and Father
Rita Weidner
Milan Tomic
it is a play on Feliz Navidad but we are dog dad's so FELIZ NAVIDADS get it!??!?!?
billy zureikat
Ian Haisley
Jackie & Rick
Rick Swanson
Jackie Haisley
Andy Zimmerman
Vito Buonsante
Cleary (Christmas) & Jordan (Hanukkah)
Cleary Breunig
Courtney Strickland
a little bit of BöChay
Jessica LaRoi
Matt Persin
Keep the change
Jonathan Kahler
Patric Gerstmayr
Craig Glover
#1 Champs
Ian Dible
Mike Vitek
Tony Strissel
James Campian
Two ladies with a dream...
Danielle DeBeliso
Genevieve Ford
The appetizer, not to be confused with the Ben & Jerry's flavor or the Alec Baldwin sketch
Marissa Herbstman
Randy Herbstman

Unconfirmed Team List

Just two bro’s boccin’ around the Christmas tree
Joey Maginot
Wiley Kerr
Christmas vacation
matt montgomery
(in this DoJo)
Dan Spomer
Jessie Morris