WednesdayS, 6:30 PM-10 p.m.

WNB: The Bocce Deck 2

March 21-May 02    3509 W Fullerton Ave, Chicago

Park & Field and American Bocce Company have forged quite a relationship in a short period of time. That trust has led us to try a first ever: an indoor/outdoor league! If the weather is comfortable (let's say in the 50s), then we're gonna rock out with our bocce's out on the Park & Field permanent patio courts. Chilly or rainy, however, will have us inside staying fly on our usual courts. That's the ticket to a hump day evening to look forward to each week. DETAILS for you to know! 2 courts caps this league at 16 teams for it's 7-week run. We always work to accommodate schedule requests—early/late, missed weeks, etc. First games start at 6:30. Teams of 4 play, but you can roster up to 8. Contact us if you want in on the fun, but don't have a full team. Week 1 is March 21st and it’ll wrap on May 2nd. For the first six weeks you’ll play 2 scheduled games each week and then we finish it off with a one-week playoff night. All teams participate in the playoffs. It’s $260/team. Contact if you need help finding a team or have questions. Also check out for FAQ and other resources.