WednesdayS, 6:30 PM-10 p.m.

FALL Park & Field Wednesdays

October 04-November 15    3509 W Fullerton Ave, Chicago, IL 60647

Park & Field has built out two awesome bocce courts on their beautiful patio and I can’t imagine a better place to shake off the midweek blues. This Logan Square venue is set to pop off like a bottle of celebration bubbles. When you’re not on the courts, you can sit in the stands, gather around a firepit, go inside to check in on #sports, or find something in the camper bar to keep you busy (shots shots shots). It’s gonna be blast. We'll do a welcome week on Wednesday, 9/27 and power through the crisp fall air until November 8th. Games begin at 6:30. You’ll play 2 scheduled games each week and it’s $260/team. Capped at 16 teams. Contact with questions.