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MNB The BocceDome - Chop Shop 2v2 Deuces Wild


This league is sold out. Please check back in a week or two for a full list of January 2020 leagues

2v2 is back! Our hottest and most hyped-up new format is ready for one more go-round before we close out the 2019 season. This is a very special and limited-engagement league where we go all in on the ultimate bocce experience, giving teams 3 games a night, best-of-3 playoff series, and some seriously dope prizes. 

The league will run for four consecutive Mondays from 11/25 - 12/16, helping crown the best side in bocce! Games are fast-paced, as each pair walks from side-to-side, throwing five frame games. Scoring is modified and outlined below. 

Questions? Need help finding a partner? Don't hesitate to reach out. Email me at 

Cost is $160/team. Drink specials and prizes brought to you bu Goose Island, Passion House Coffee, and Fernet Branca. 

Point-based Standings:

Loss - 1 point

Tie - 1 point

Win - 3 points

Shutout or Knockout - 4 points (shutting your opponent out or scoring 10 points or more after 5 frames) 


  • $4 Goose Island Natural Villains
  • $4 Goose Island Next Coast IPA
  • $4 Fernet Branca shots
  • easy access from Damen Blue Line
  • hottest hot shots in the biz


Confirmed team list- 37 of 44

Like the Sandra Bullock movie, but better at bocce.
Mandy Sellers
Andrew Kellermann
Andrew Kellermann
You already know.
Andrew Benzer
Kurtis Pozsgay
Hopefully she doesn’t kill me
Richie Renner
Karol Komperda
Chris Galligan
Vanja Galligan
We never back down from a challenge! We will be loud, we will dance and we might hurt your ears but don’t worry, we will compliment you and give you a nickname if we like you :)
Chelsea Rose
Laura Haugen
Kara Stone
Leah Churay
"So watery, and yet there's a smack of ham to it"
Lauren McDermott
Lo Lo
...with Cheese.
Michael Snow
Patrick Petrillo
Strive For Relevance
George Rosch
Nick Neu
We play to win. And by win, we mean drink.
Erin Delaney
Julie Theibert
Bonnie and Clyde except I replaced Bonnie with bocce because it’s as the call it “a play on words”
Ian McCaffrey
We ain’t no hollaback girls tho
Taylor Sheppard
Courtney Feightner
Kristine Alipio
Ashleigh Jones
Radioactive Balls
warren tutwiler
Brian Crissie
Alex Gara
Ian McCaffrey
Yessica Droege
I dont know
Mark Steuer
Mike Silver
Two dad's that in need of some bocce ball!
Jerry Nwosuocha
2 more Fernet's
Jonathan Sheperd
Jed Spiegelman
can we have no 630 games
TONY DiCostanzo
Tony DiCostanzo
Bill Benne
Henry Bushong
Wiley Kerr
Does this need describing?
Erica Bohac
Joey Maginot
2 Big Bocce Boys
Billy Dunlap
None needed
Will Baker
Kelly McCabe
Something came in the mail today...
Alex Howard
Jon Hood
Who’s the lady and who’s the Brady
Michael Brady
John Brady
Britt & Eric Team!
Brittany McDonough
Eric Lindsay
Kevin & Teddy
Kevin Vlcek
Teddy Wachholz
When 2 become 1
Allassandra Ventola
Katy Shelman
Turning dreams to screams.
Colleen Fitzgerald
#1 Champs
Ian Dible
Mike Vitek
Tony Strissel
James Campian
Having fun and trying our best
Tony Strissel
I'm sorry I ruined your lives and crammed 11 cookies into the VCR.
Dan Brown
Old folks havin fun
Lilia Zaparaniuk
Shooter McGavins
Marc Zaparaniuk
Daniel Zaparaniuk
Like Nachos. Only Italian.
Dan Kaman
We're kind of a big dill.
Mark Lehtman
Vanessa Garippo
Kim French
Kevin and Jacob
Kevin Grish
Jacob Hendrickson
Jk and Paul
Jonathan Kahler

Unconfirmed Team List

the best one-two-punch around
Dan Spomer
Jessie Morris
Does this need describing?
Erica Bohac
Joey Maginot
Turning dreams to screams.
Colleen Fitzgerald
Sir Bocc-A-Lot
Matt Mize
I'll be home late again, son.
Alex Gara
Rick Swanson
Just here to beat Nick and George
matt montgomery