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American Bocce Tournament Circuit Last Chance // Random Partner Draw


Registration update. Please read. 

The tournament for Friday night is sold out. We are offering a second night of bocce in the same fashionon Thursday, February 11th. Same details, different day. 

Taking registration and payments via email and e-payments (Venmo/Zelle). So, email if you're interested. 
Also, to be clear: You are signing up as an individual. Thank you. 

The pitch

It's the final tournament before our inaugural Tournament of Champions and we're giving our dedicated community a final shot at qualification. The winning duo of this team is guaranteed a spot in the big show and all participants are getting bonus Tournament Circuit Standing points. (Check your spot in the standings here.)

But what kind of tournament is this?

It's a fun and funky Random Partner Draw tournament. We'll have 24 players and will put them into two pools—top of the Tournament Circuit Standings and the rest—and then draw pairings randomly. 

You and your partner will then be drawn into a random group of four teams, where you'll play a round robin on the same court. Top 2 teams from each group + two of the 3rd place teams will then move on to a single elimination bracket. (Here's some good news: If you don't make it to the elimination round, you can still stick around and play bocce on the third court.)

All the games are to 12 points with the down-and-back timer set to 20 minutes. The championship game, however, will be played to 16 points with no timer. 

Need to Knows

High Fun, Low Price

  • The random partner format will be exciting. New look, same you. New challenge, same game.
  • At just $35 per player, this is as low a price for this much bocce as we can manage.

Win and You're In!

  • Last chance to play in a tournament before the inaugural Tournament of Champions. Winners are guaranteed a spot in the big show.
  • All participants get a 5 point bonus in the TC Standings. 1st place rewarded 40 points, runners up 23, semifinalists 17, quarterfinalists 11, participants 6. 

Roster of Players

  1. Lilia
  2. Mike
  3. McD
  4. Lolo
  5. Milan
  6. Ellie
  7. Dave K
  8. Keith
  9. Courtney
  10. Alex
  11. Alla
  12. Karla
  13. Vanessa
  14. Kate
  15. Billy D
  16. Sean K
  17. Danny C
  18. Mickey
  19. Jessie
  20. Scottie
  21. Spomer
  22. Sergio
  23. Emily 
  24. Justin K


Confirmed team list- 8 of 24

those guys that step over the court and yell threecino
Dave Krone
Sean Krone
Joseph Blumenshine
Andy Zimmerman
1/2 Ranch
Ellie Meyer
Katie Trueman
Paul Milan
Milan Tomic
Paul Munda
One human
Lauren McDermott
I don't know, we can't see out of our third ball?
Jay Rosenblum
Chris Mathews
Laura Haugen
Chelsea Rose
Subset of Hot Shots
Jennifer Alderman
Leah Churay
Too cold
Bryce Barnes

Unconfirmed Team List

those damn Ukies
Lilia Zaparaniuk
Michael Zaparaniuk
those damn Ukies
Lilia Zaparaniuk
Michael Zaparaniuk
Lo Lo
Vanessa Garippo
Pointing is my passion
Mickey Niewierowski
We are Dads of Dogs. It is also a pun and play off of Bad Boys. Get it?
billy zureikat
Alex Gara