The American Bocce Company
MNB The BocceDome - Chop Shop Season 1: The O.G. League


Big energy, big talents. This is where our indoor bocce journey began (in 2014) and the league always features many of our longest tenured teams.

I'm not gonna sit here typing and lie to you: Sometimes this league intimidates.

I'm not gonna sit here typing and lie to you: All times this league entertains. 

Four courts support 32 teams. Rambunctious teams. Social but competitive teams. Big energy. Big talents. 

We break the league into conferences that are based on time preferences. So you're either in the Earl E. Byrd conference (plays 6:30-8:30) or the Freaks @ Nite conference (plays 8:30-10:30). You are encouraged to request your conference of preference, but a heads up: Order of priority is based on order of registration. Get in early and you'll surely get your pick. Dilly dally and you might have to take what we have available. 

League Details: Season begins Monday, January 13th. Playoffs are Monday, February 24th. First games get rolling at 6:30 and the last at 10:00. The BocceDome is Chop Shop's event/concert venue and we'll have four courts with fresh turf out there. Goose Island and Fernet Branca bring specials and prizes.

ABC League Standards:  A team can roster 4-8 players and may use subs not on the roster. If you want to play don't have a full squad, contact and he'll get ya moving in the right direction. League dues are $300/team. Your spot in the league is not guaranteed until the balance is at $0. Games are played 4v4 and your team gets two games a night for the six-week regular season. All teams play in a one-night playoff. The season schedule is made before the balls begin to roll. Game time needs and requests are accommodated to the best of our ability and in priority order of registration. 


Confirmed team list- 32 of 30

hate hate hate
Matt David
Blake David
Michael Brady
Keith Kofoed
Erik Varga
John Brady
Ben Orloff
John Brady
Ben Orloff
Family bonding
Lilia Zaparaniuk
Michael Zaparaniuk
Daniel Zaparaniuk
Marc Zaparaniuk
Do you even volo, bro?
Andrew Benzer
Andy Zimmerman
Kurtis Pozsgay
Dave Krone
Andy Zimmerman
Kurtis Pozsgay
Andy Zimmerman
Dave Krone
Kurtis Pozsgay
Dave Krone
Fishermen handshakes for all
Kendra Swanson
Jessica LaRoi
lissie levin
Matt Persin
Tim Carroll
Danny Carroll
A collection of misfits
Ginny Funk
Emmett Fruin
Ryan Newman
Roxanne Chow
Claire Parschauer
Playlist Available Soon
Danko Dykyj
Keith Young
Kyle Richardson
Jacob Hendrickson
Castin spells on your ass in 2020
Bri the witch
Kaley Callaghan
Maggie Sack
Laughing our way to the top !
Allassandra Ventola
Katy Shelman
Courtney Strickland
Karla Miller
Like the Bad B-occes, but with our old name.
Mandy Sellers
Amy Ellingson
Andrew Kellermann
Chandra Miller
Don't beat us.
Kevin Grish
Three fingers please
David Bremner
Max Komnenich
Kyle Welter
We can be a little cheesy.
Rebecca Lopes
Deirdre McKee
Jennifer Griffith
Jennifer McLocklin
Rachel Kirsch
Marc Samko
Becca Rabin
Shamir Trangle
We like Cheese
Chris Galligan
Julia Brieger
Elliott Robinson
Vanja Galligan
Maintaining exactly the same skill level for 3+ years
Erica Bohac
Joey Maginot
Paige Burnes
Claire Kirchner
Wiley Kerr
Just sit on it.
Michael Snow
Hillary Lytle
Carolyn Fiori
Patrick Petrillo
Andreina Ramones
Dan Brown
A Wagon is an unstoppable player, person, or team that is unrelenting, and lives life shift to shift.
Richie Renner
Matthew Stuart
David Stern
Karol Komperda
Sarah Fanto
Daniel Berkowitz
Daniel Morrow
Jay Rosenblum
We never back down from a challenge! We will be loud, we will dance and we might hurt your ears but don’t worry, we will compliment you and give you a nickname if we like you :)
Chelsea Rose
Laura Haugen
Kara Stone
Leah Churay
Craig Glover
John Brady
Still Not Above It!
George Rosch
Amy Montgomery
Nick Neu
Brieger, Marko, Cory & Joe
Matt Brieger
Cory O'Connor
Matthew Markiewicz
Joe Pierson
Game so good we leave you paralyzed.
Priya Rajakumar
Parva Bhatt
Hana Poser
Tara Orekondy
Liz Elliott
Why so serious?
Dan Spomer
Peter Racine
Patric Gerstmayr
Jessie Morris
Chris Waltman
Christopher Waltman
Richard Doran
Stephen Clemensen
Mark Nelson
Let’s get it on
Lo Lo
Lauren McDermott
Jonathan Kahler
You know what I'm talking 'bout
Ketan Patel
Drew Kleinmeyer
#1 Champs
Ian Dible
Mike Vitek
Tony Strissel
James Campian
Our phones are charged! Probably!
Honor Moore
Mary Moore
Brad Dembs
Annie FitzGerald
Joseph Moore
Alison Klein
Renee Mikon
Mae Rice
Justin Laurence
Drop'em like it's hot.
Dan Kaman
Allison Kaman
y'all ain't ready
Kristine Alipio
Ryan Clark
Val Pinskiy
Alec Welser
Ashleigh Jones
High waisted, High profile
Alicia Harvey
Lydia Willis
Rachel Lindy
Slam Piece Hotties
Alicia Harvey
David Sartoris

Unconfirmed Team List

Scott and his best friend, Brett, take a trip to the Chop Shop after their girlfriends break up with them. Scott's ex-girlfriend, Katherine, is participating in a bocce league at the Chop Shop, which was the initial cause of their breakup. Meanwhile, Brett's ex has begun dating sleazy bocce leaguer Bryce. Scott and Brett seek out ways to ruin the bocce league.
Bryce Barnes
Scott Hynek
Because we’ve already bocc’d enough surgeries
Mallory Kosow
Because we’ve already bocc’d enough surgeries
Mallory Kosow