Season 2: Flock This Way

MNB The BocceDome - Chop Shop


This league begins Monday March 16th, 2020

League Info

Big energy, big talents. This is where our indoor bocce journey began (in 2014) and the league always features many of our longest tenured teams.

I'm not gonna sit here typing and lie to you: Sometimes this league intimidates.

I'm not gonna sit here typing and lie to you: All times this league entertains. 

Four courts support 32 teams. Rambunctious teams. Social but competitive teams. Big energy. Big talents. 

We break the league into conferences that are based on time preferences. So you're either in the Earl E. Byrd conference (plays 6:30-8:30) or the Freaks @ Nite conference (plays 8:30-10:30). You are encouraged to request your conference of preference, but a heads up: Order of priority is based on order of registration. Get in early and you'll surely get your pick. Dilly dally and you might have to take what we have available. 

League Details: Season begins Monday, March 16th. Playoffs are Monday, April 27th. First games get rolling at 6:30 and the last at 10:00. The BocceDome is Chop Shop's event/concert venue and we'll have four courts with fresh turf, fresh balls (including new pallinos) out there. Goose Island and Fernet Branca bring specials and prizes.

ABC League Standards:  A team can roster 4-8 players and may use subs not on the roster. If you want to play don't have a full squad, contact and he'll get ya moving in the right direction. League dues are $300/team. Your spot in the league is not guaranteed until the balance is at $0. Games are played 4v4 and your team gets two games a night for the six-week regular season. All teams play in a one-night playoff. The season schedule is made before the balls begin to roll. Game time needs and requests are accommodated to the best of our ability and in priority order of registration. 


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Jeff Pfeiffer

Chop Shop

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