The American Bocce Company
ThNB Brickhouse Bocce Season 2: Spring Trainin'


COVID-19 Announcement

[March 17th] We do not know how this season will proceed. We are reaching out to all registered teams via email. We ask that no one else registers at this time. Please and thank you. Be well. Stay safe.

[March 11th] We are putting leagues on hold til we learn more about how to keep our players safe and do our part in not aiding the spread of the virus. We will get leagues started as soon as we can feel confident in the safety of our players and the community at large. We hope that is within a few weeks. When games do get rolling, we will have sanitization practices in place. Those can be found below league details and ABC standards. For now, we encourage you to sign up and stay tuned if you're looking to scratch your bocce itch. 

Talkin' this league

What's better than springtime in Wrigley? Well, probably that one autumn in '16 but, Wrigleyville has a special energy around opening day. 

So after a star-studded sold-out winner league, we're even more excited for our next rendition of Thursday Night Bocce at Brickhouse. Join us for seven weeks of Chicago's favorite social sport starting on Thursday, March 19th and going until April 30. 

You'll play two a games a night, enjoy awesome drink specials from Goose Island and Fernet Branca, and make plenty of new friends in quite possibly the most enthusiastic bocce league in the country. 

Teams play 2 games a night, with 4 players per team (minimum) for six weeks, and everybody enjoys an epic week 7 playoff evening. Our golden rule is players must have a drink in hand to throw, so yeah, its that kind of league. 

If you have any questions, need help fielding a team, or just want to talk bocce hit up The Reverend Dan Spomer at .

At league sanitation steps

  • Wash hands upon arrival. We encourage all players to wash their hands properly upon arrival at the venue. This is not news to anyone, but it is worth repeating: Proper washing of hands is the first line of defense.
  • Hand sanitizer at all courts. An extra layer of defense on top of the handwashing. Available before, during and after games.
  • Disinfecting wipes for the balls. Between games, we will be wiping the balls down with disinfecting wipes. An important note here is that the drying process is when the contagion killing happens. Wipes dry more quickly, hence that’s our between game process.
  • Bleaching balls at the end of the night. We’ll soak the balls in a bleach+water mixture upon conclusion of each league night and allow them to air dry. 
  • Plans for substitute players. We encourage all teams to have their own sub plan and to utilize it if a player is not feeling well. We will also develop a sub pool that can be called to action. 


Confirmed team list- 12 of 24

5,000 Candles In The Wind
Brad Bercovitz
Andrew Kellermann
Kelly Kellermann
Emily Matus
Andrew Kellermann
Ready to roll
Michelle Corbett
Brandon Spencer
Allie Haling
Michael Sanderson
Residents of the Villa
Robert Irby
Leslie Stentz
Pete Jurgeleit
Thomas Whitworth
Brickhouse Tavern league
Holly Gosse
Beau Gosse
Brandon Gaty
Emily Fries
Kayla Walsh
Jacob Denault
Kali Moskalik
Courtney Weber
Hey, you guys!
Jackie Semko
abby herstich
cheryl reimer
Caroline Simpson
Here for the beer
Justin Kerzie
Emily Krippinger
Robert Schroeder
Charlie Nahra
Anne Cunningham
Elizabeth Ojile
Katie Trueman
Lauren McDermott
Ellie Meyer
Lo Lo
What's In A Name?
Genevieve Ford
Ryan Salkoff
Wendy Springgate
Danielle DeBeliso
Christopher Wise
Megan Dodson
Bad mo-fos
Steve Heftman
Thomas Popovics
Winners Only
Michael Smagacz
Rodney Provine
Brian Simmerman
We came, we saw, we kicked some ass
Nicholas Zausch
Kevin Schafer
Tierney Mason
Abby Elmer
Lindsay Rose
Bruce Winters
team of teams
Billy Stadelmann

Unconfirmed Team List

It was all a dream, I used to read Word Up magazine, Salt'n'Pepa and Heavy D up in the limousine
Scott Henke
Joseph Yakle
Brett Carrillo
Carmen Miller
can't tell you
Alex Gara
Nick Griffin
Lydia Willis
Dana Schleyer
Cleary, Jordan, Drew, Carson & Molly
Cleary Breunig
Jordan Daugherty