The American Bocce Company
TNB BocceDome - Chop Shop TNB s6: Bocce's Biggest Night


For five straight years we've considered the BocceDome the bocce home for the best bocce league in the city of Chicago. Through the deli counter and best the sprawling bar seats of Wicker Park's Chop Shop is a big ol' room that fits us like a glove. 

Tuesday Night Bocce is a big, boisterous night of social bocce ball, beers, and friends old and new. The skill range varies, but there is absolutely no skill necessary to have a good time. 

Teams will enjoy two games a night, drink specials by Goose Island and Fernet Branca, weekly and season-long superlatives, and a host of other activities and activations centered around this amazing community. 

Teams roll with four players per game, and can roster up to eight on their teams. Subs are always cool, forfeits never are. If you need help putting a team together, we'd be happy to play bocce buddy matchmaker. 

If you have any questions or need help fielding a team, email 


Confirmed team list- 23 of 32

Just sit on it.
Michael Snow
Hillary Lytle
Carolyn Fiori
Patrick Petrillo
Andreina Ramones
Dan Brown
Rollin stones
Will Baker
Kelly McCabe
Dom Tortorice
Greg Walker
NOT SLC Punk - But Serious Lady Bocce Punk!
Lilia Zaparaniuk
Vanessa Garippo
Lauren McDermott
Has Been Declared
Matt Brieger
Teenie Pallini
Allie Ortlip
James Pardee
Kate McAuley
Brad Schwenke
Mike Puthoff
Bada Bing!!
Justine Sirhan
Ray Crosby
Sarah Petty
Alex Davis
Bocce, yeah!
Kate Adams
John Palys
Garrett Berg
Clarke Cooper
Official Representation for Vincent Chase
Matthew McWeeny
John Andersen
Kevin Eiring
Alex Hudgens
Three fingers please
David Bremner
Max Komnenich
Kyle Welter
Crushing Bocco’s one shell at a time.
Giselle Ruecking
Billy Dunlap
Shawna Watts
Mike Fatigati
Nick Griffin
Rick Swanson
Alex Gara
Scott Sanville
Playing for all of the deboccery
Erin Glascott
Rachel Burns
Katie Doyen
rachael graham
Good evening, Angels! Good evening Chardie!
Karol Komperda
Richie Renner
Kaitlyn Martin
Kasia Komperda
Kasia Komperda
Bocce Snatchers
Kyle Richardson
mark richter
Shawn Luedde
Matt Eirich
Shaun Sheys
Charles Bransford
Brett Brewer
Emily Cuny
Natalie Reicher
Elise Grover
Peter Vorhees
Kasia Majkowski
Passion House Coffee Roasters team
Cleary Breunig
Just a couple "work friends" trying to take it to the next level.
Seamus Waterman
mapping bocce courts worldwide
Andy Zimmerman
Vito Buonsante
Miles Russell
Dave Krone
Maurizio Perrelli
Fishermen handshakes for all
Kendra Swanson
Jessica LaRoi
lissie levin
Matt Persin
Tim Carroll
Danny Carroll
Feelin Hot Hot Hot
Chelsea Rose
Laura Haugen
Justine Wilson
Drew Whiting
Natalie Whiting
Slammin in the New Year
Alicia Harvey
Lydia Willis
David Sartoris
Game so good we leave you paralyzed.
Priya Rajakumar
Parva Bhatt
Hana Poser
Tara Orekondy
Liz Elliott

Unconfirmed Team List

Donatella Verbocce, Donnie Ballspeed, Tommy Twoballs, and Pauli Pallinopipe...nice to meetcha
Kristine Alipio
Ryan Clark
Alec Welser
Matt von Albade
you've been thunderstruck!
Dan Spomer
Keith Young
Danko Dykyj
Jessie Morris
Beets. Bears. Battlestar Galactica. Bocce.
Christopher MacGregor
Ryan Paul
Alexa Ulrich
Katie Ritter
Slammin in the New Year
Alicia Harvey
Lydia Willis
David Sartoris