The American Bocce Company
American Bocce Tournament Circuit Winter Ball 2021


SOLD OUT! To join the wait list, email

32 teams enter and are drawn into 8 groups of 4. The tournament is split into Qualifying evenings and Championship day. Your group will play it's qualifying round games in a single evening (Tuesday, Jan 12 - Friday, Jan 15). The two teams that qualify for the Championship day will play for the title on Sunday, January 17th. 

The North Stars of the tournament:

  1. Safety. We're keeping the number of people present at one time low—only 8 teams (of 2 players) present at any one time. We're playing at Bridge 410 and have indoor options with a lot of air flow ready and can set up outside if weather allows. 
  2. Fair and balanced. We'll exercise a bit of control when drawing teams into their respective groups so that there is parity from group to group. (Email if you want to know more.)
  3. Lots of games. The qualifying round begins with a round robin and concludes with a best of 3 series. Your group will all play on the same court (and all courts will be set up on concrete). So, everyone will play 3 games, half the field will play 5 or 6, and the finalists will play up to 11 games.\
  4. Dope shit. The first 20 teams to enter will receive special edition commemorative hoodies (design below). After that, we'll randomly draw teams til all the sweatshirts have been given away. We've also got surprises for teams that don't get a shot at qualification. Finally, biggest cash prize pool yet. 
  5. Last tournament before the first Tournament of Champions! 

Since this is a tricky time and things can change rapidly, we want to assure you all that registration for this tournament is risk free. If Chicago/the world goes sideways and we can't execute the tournament anywhere close to how it was planned, then you'll all be refunded. If you have to forfeit your spot in the tournament, then you'll be refunded and it'll go to a team on the wait list. 

By now, you know us and trust us. We'll set this up to keep us all safe and entertained. If we have to move the game days around a bit, then we'll do so in good faith and with full communication. We all want to toss stones and win games, so we're setting that up in the best way we possibly can. Finally and most importantly, thank you!


Confirmed team list- 32 of 32

1/2 Ranch
Ellie Meyer
Katie Trueman
Alecia and Brian
ask us about Volona-19 Immunity
Andy Zimmerman
Dave Krone
Subset of Hot Shots
Jennifer Alderman
Leah Churay
Laura Haugen
Chelsea Rose
Sometimes Michigan and Michigan State can get along, to win Bocce
Daniel Berkowitz
Jay Rosenblum
Swim in a deep sea of palinos
Bryce Barnes
Paul McAfee
Half the players, half the name
Kate Adams
John Palys
Milan odoyole rules
Milan Tomic
Some baby and adult rats
Lauren McDermott
Bryce Barnes
Lo Lo
those damn Ukies
Lilia Zaparaniuk
Michael Zaparaniuk
Meet us at the Four Seasons for a campaign event
David Hoffman
Elizabeth Hoffman
The Game of Games: A Test of Mind, Body, and Spirit
Phil Dziedzic
Joanna Surowka
the best one-two-punch around
Dan Spomer
Jessie Morris
A couple of Billy Joel enthusiasts
Patrick McGovern
Isidoro Balistreri
don't mind us we are just here to drink
Keith Young
Danko Dykyj
Vanessa Garippo
Allassandra Ventola
John is back.
Alex Gara
John Brady
Mickey and Vanessa
Vanessa Garippo
Like the Sandra Bullock movie, but better at bocce.
Mandy Sellers
Andrew Kellermann
Andrew Kellermann
Allie and Bryt
Allie Haling
Triple B
Jared McPartlin
Brokops are Back Again
Chris Prokop
Wes Prokop
Phil and Paul
Paul Masini
Philip Whalen
We're international
Matt David
Michael Brady
with elbow bumps
Susan Korn
John Hoeksema
Emily Pier
Brian Pier
The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear
Michelle Corbett
Michael Sanderson
Emily Krippinger
Justin Kerzie
Brandon n Mike. No we are not brothers
Brandon Spencer
Michael Sanderson
It’s like a second language to us.
Alexa Ulrich
Christopher MacGregor
Carolyn and hills are at it again
Hillary Lytle
Anne Cunningham
Robert Schroeder
Dee Stallions
Nida Khoutakoun

Unconfirmed Team List

Alecia and Brian
Some baby and adult rats
Lauren McDermott
Bryce Barnes
Lo Lo
The Game of Games: A Test of Mind, Body, and Spirit
Phil Dziedzic
Joanna Surowka
2 players
Andrew Winchester
Foil Up
Jared McPartlin