Start A League

Start a league

Look. Look over there. Look over there in your mind's eye to the open swath of space that could be bocce courts (okay, maybe there are already bocce courts).

Be the one to make it happen. Bring bocce to your community, neighborhood, town, city, principality, zip code, nudist colony. Start a league. Make friends. Make money. Make connections. Gain experience. Do it all and more by running an American Bocce Co. league of your own making.

It's probably easier than you think. You'll need a venue, bocce courts, bocce players and ABC's support. Truly, we've got your back across the board. We have all the equipment you will need to get a league rolling as well as training resources and support to keep it going strong and help it grow.

Yes it's easy, but that doesn't mean just anyone can do it. ABC is only as strong as our League Commissioners. It's how we built this community and it has taken us on a helluva journey. The application process begins here.

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