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We like to think we've spent the past few years doing something special. We started by leasing a vacant Chicago lot and transforming it into a public bocce ball park. The lot had been forgotten about for over 30 years and was overwrought with waist-high weeds and garbage dumping. We leveled it by hand, laid down about 20,000 pounds of sand and oyster shell, added a grill and some picnic tables, and made a second home.

Since then we've built several other courts, hosted leagues and events for thousands of bocce players, and discovered that this simple sport has a powerful impact on peoples lives. Once we worked out all of the kinks, we realized that we were sitting on a contagious business model that maybe the four of us couldn't handle all on our own. That's when Wicker Park Bocce Club became American Bocce Co.

Not everyone reading this has been part of one of our bocce ball leagues. Well, first off, we're trying to change that and secondly it's difficult to succinctly capture the experience. The manner in which we provide the sport is highly social and allows for a special alchemy of camaraderie and competition. Leagues become communities and players become families. Feedback typically falls somewhere between "it's the highlight of my week" and "bocce ball has changed my life".

We echo the sentiments.

If you haven't seen the affects of an American Bocce Co. league yet, you will soon. That's our promise to you. American Bocce Company will be your host to the best social sport league in any city that will have us. If you're familiar with us than you know what we're talking about; there's something beautiful about this sport.

This bocce team runs the show





Our Partners

Developed in partnership with New Zealand Special Olympics. Packabocce is a new concept to meet the ever increasing demand for professional bocce courts and is revolutionizing the way that courts are transported and set up. From the makers of Packagoals, Packabocce' is made from heavy duty thermoplastic and is rigid, safe, and maintenance free. Its unique auto-lock valve and slick design not only make the bocce court look professional but allows for rapid inflation and deflation, making it easy and quick to transport and provides for compact storage-thus alleviating the need to store expensive assets, outside or placing a burden on expensive storage space. American Bocce Company is the North American distributor of Packabocce products. For more information or a quote email

We believe in the power of bocce ball to bring communities together. American Bocce Company has extensive experience in building bocce courts and working with different organizations and municipalities in order to achieve the common goal of more bocce for all. Our team is entrenched in Special Olympics and will always have opportunities for new members to volunteer for bocce events with Special Olympics. Likewise, if you are interested in a community build or a create space-making project involving bocce ball please don't hesitate to contact us!

Eataly and American Bocce Co. work together to spread the joy of bocce. You can always play bocce with us at Eataly Chicago! Our courts are available as an add-on to private events packages. For more information on hosting your own bocce-filled event, contact us or Eataly's Events and Education team at

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