Baraboo Bocce Tournament Baraboo Bocce Tournament


Who: Your best team of 4 

What: A weekend-long bocce tournament in Baraboo, WI hosted by American Bocce and our friends with the American Ukrainian Youth Association. 

When: August 24 - 26, 2018

Where: E 14481 Luebke Rd, Baraboo, WI 53913 (resort, campgrounds, and soccer fields)

How Much? Camping Option: $425/team (showers and bathroom facilities on site) // Hotel Option: $575/team (2 2-bed rooms for 2 nights) 

What Else? There will be no official transportation provided to the tournament. If teams want to pool resources or anyone wants to head up a bus rental / fare package, that is certainly encouraged. We will do our best to help facilitate that. Otherwise, you’re looking at a 3-hour drive. If you’re team is driving we encourage choosing a designated driver for the drive back on Sunday. 

Meals will be provided but the resort is a 20 minute drive from downtown Baraboo. Bringing snacks, coolers, and any other necessities is encouraged.

The tournament will be played on 60’ courts laid over soccer fields. The added length and outdoor terrain will be a different experience than a lot of leaguers are used to. So throw out past records and winning history, this is definitely anybody’s tournament to win.

This is the first year of what he hope to be an inaugural American Bocce tradition. This weekend should be a ton of fun and something memorable. We truly hope you can make it. 

Lastly: If you choose the camping option just pay $425 and email and he'll straighten out the balance. 


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