Whiskey Business TNB: Rooftop Bocce @ WB


Whiskey Business has established itself as the premier outdoor bocce venue. The rooftop above Milwaukee Avenue is home to a rambunctious and welcoming league of veterans and rookies. The way the three courts are setup makes it feel like the games are going down in front of a sold out crowd. It's wild and exciting—ABC's bocce leagues as they're intended.

Those three courts allow for a 24 team league. We break off into two conference, one early and one late. Find the conference that is right for your schedule. Each game is played 4v4, but you're welcome to roster more if you want. We play two games a night for the 6 week regular season and then there is a one-night everyone-plays playoff bonanza. 

The games are Tuesday nights and this season rolls off on July 17th. We'll take a break on August 14th and then finish the regular season on August 21st. Playoff night is August 28th. League dues remain $260 and your spot isn't secure til the balance is $0. Email danspomer@americanbocceco.com if you are looking for a team to roll with, have special requests or any particular questions. I do not recommend hesitating when it comes to this high demand league. 



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Confirmed team list- 10 of 24

It's Cool
Danko Dykyj
Andy Zimmerman
Keith Young
Jacob Hendrickson
Kyle Richardson
Old fogies and one young ringer
Lilia Zaparaniuk
All about the casinos and cash games.
Michael Snow
Hillary Lytle
Tony Tijerina
witchy vibes
Bri the witch
Kaley Callaghan
Ben Orloff
Maggie Sack
Bada Bing!!
Justine Sirhan
Ray Crosby
Sarah Petty
Alex Davis
I Came in like a New Kid on a Bocce Ball
Charlene Rueff
Megan Brodale
Roxanne Chow
Here for redemption after being left out of original team selections.
Chris Galligan
Julia Brieger
The Redbeards of Bocce
Cory O'Connor
Matt Brieger
Ryan Parry
Dave, Tyler, Ryan, Jon
David Smith
ryan negrinelli
Jonathon Heilbronn
Bocce Team
Corinne Thomas
Eleni Steinman
Megan Kelly
Nicollette Gutzwiller
Jenny Lopez

Unconfirmed Team List