Bridge 410 Bocce SNB: Backyard Bocce @ Bridge 410


The backyard league at ABC's HQ in Chicago's near west side is special. The turfed out backyard becomes a bocce wonderland filled with the sound of bocce'd balls, summer jams and a whole mess of people you miss when they're away. 

In a way unique to the other leagues, this becomes a sort of family. On Sundays you gather around the hearth of bocce and play this lovable game somewhere that feels secret. The grill will be going all season long and the bar will stay stocked with your favorites. Dogs will lounge—sometimes on the comfy Burrow couches setup around the yard—and teams tend to show up early and stick around late. It's a hang to cap the weekend that's tough to beat. 

Teams of 4 will play two games a week for the six week regular season and then everyone participates in the one-week playoffs. This league will get rolling on July 29th, take off Labor Day weekend, and finish up on September 16th. Three courts give us room for 24 teams, so get registered now. League dues are $260/team. Any questions can be directed to


  • Grass-like turf with natural contours
  • Full bar accepts cash & ePayments
  • Grillin' snacks every week fo' free
  • Burrow couches for viewing and lounging
  • So dog and kid friendly it's wild
  • Kiddie pool for the dog days of Summer
  • Schedule requests accepted
  • No bocce on Labor Day
  • Parking lot + easy street parking
  • Safe areas for bike storage


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Confirmed team list- 9 of 24

From the early Greek physician Hippocrates to the great Italian Renaissance man Galileo, the early participants of Bocce have noted that the game’s athleticism and spirit of competition rejuvenates the body.
Kurtis Pozsgay
Deena Awad
Claudia Pozsgay
Formerly Known As "You Too Can Have A Bocce Like Mine"
Kathleen Blehart
A new mix of bocce talent hungry for a 'ship
Emmett Fruin
Maintaining exactly the same skill level for 2+ years
Erica Bohac
Poorly prepared and undercooked.
Joe Drake
T Scott Collier
We are Dads of Dogs. It is also a pun and play off of Bad Boys. Get it?
billy zureikat
Alex Gara
Just four yacht jocks
Joe DiLuia
Thomas Raehl
Michael Mesterharm
Patrick Richel
Feelin Hot Hot Hot
Chelsea Rose
Laura Haugen
Justine Wilson
Drew Whiting
Natalie Whiting
Couple of couples
Robert Davis

Unconfirmed Team List