Cleo's League Cleo's - Season 2


ABC + Cleo's + you all made the first season a rousing success. Holy S#IT is this venue fun. The city’s #1 soccer bar is definitely making a play to be the top bocce bar, too. This Ukrainian Village staple and it’s famed patio have expanded and built out two glorious bocce courts. The sand and crushed gravel mix is tightly packed for an authentic bocce feel. The season will play on Wednesdays and last for 7 weeks starting on August 29th and wrapping up on October 10th (barring rain delays).

This is a new(ish) venue, but it’s bringing the same ABC spirit as ever. Highly social, moderately competitive, drink-in-hand approach to the timeless game of bocce ball. There’s no skill necessary to get started, just an appetite for mid-week fun.

Teams of 4 will play two games a week for the six week regular season and then everyone participates in the playoffs. Two courts puts the league max at 16 teams, so get registered now. League dues are $260/team. Any questions can be directed to


  • Picturesque Patio Setting
  • 1/2 off burgers and salads
  • $3 "J" shots
  • Prizes and prizes
  • Revolution beers on the cheap
  • Street parking easy breezy
  • Best vibes

Confirmed team list- 14 of 16

Been here since the beginning
Jeff Pfeiffer
whoop whoop
Sarah Gaynor
Greg Walker
nebraska meets iowa meets dc
Tina Mital
We love Bocce and Hamilton
Lauren McDermott
Lauren Schroeder
Katie Trueman
Gals who want to have fun winning!
Lilia Zaparaniuk
Alicia Harvey
We're Not Above It!
George Rosch
matt montgomery
Nick Neu
Monica Siggelkov
Ginny Funk
Emmett Fruin
Megan Brodale
Ryan Newman
We’re here for the drink specials.
Amy Goodburn
Kim Neilson
Jason Palacio
Nikki Gaub
1 part bocce + 1 part Mr. Belvedere
Scott Blameuser
John Palys
Garrett Berg
Kate Adams
Fishermen handshakes for all
Kendra Swanson
Jessica LaRoi
lissie levin
Matt Persin
Tim Carroll
The Team
Marco Trusewych
In a downward spiral
Alex Gara
Kurtis Pozsgay
y'all ever heard of caesar salads?
Drew Rodriguez
Rollin stones
Will Baker
Kelly McCabe
Dom Tortorice

Unconfirmed Team List

Big Bad Bocce Ball Bowlers Imbibing Beer II
Kyle Richardson
mark richter
Mission imbocceball
Krista Wellman
Jacob Hendrickson
Frank Munoz