MNB The BocceDome - Chop Shop Season 5: The Finalé


The Monday Night BocceDome is the standout bocce league in Chicago. If you don't know, here's what you need to know: The league is competitive and the vibe is extra. I mean that in the most generous and positive way. Yes, the cream of the crop plies their bocce trade on the Monday turf. These teams are dedicated and consistent. It helps foster one of the most exciting nights of the week. Everyone loves to be there because there is energy and respect buzzing in the air. Players feel free to bring their true self into the BocceDome because they know they'll be accepted into the fun.

Hey oh calling all bocce ballers that are shot callers. This is the last run of a full Monday Night BocceDome season this calendar year. Get about your business and be about the biggest bocce league this land sees. Who's hungry for the bocce glory that sits above all others?

The league is popping at 4 courts, which allows for 32 teams (aka bigger than the NBA). We break off into two conference, one early and one late. Find the conference that is right for your schedule. Each game is played 4v4, but you're welcome to roster more if you want. We play two games a night for the 6 week regular season and then there is a one-night everyone-plays playoff bonanza. Fresh beer sponsor coming in with that American craft beer goodness that we've been thirsting after. 

This season rolls off on September 17th and runs straight through til the October 29th playoff night. League dues remain $260 and your spot isn't secure til the balance is $0. Email if you are looking for a team to roll with, have special requests or any particular questions. I do not recommend hesitating.


  • $5 craft beer drafts
  • $4 Fernet Branca shots
  • New food specials
  • Bangin' playlists
  • Easy CTA access + paid street parking
  • Games of the Week
  • Burrow couches for viewing and lounging


No Scores Available

Confirmed team list- 18 of 32

hate hate hate
Matt David
Blake David
Michael Brady
Keith Kofoed
Erik Varga
don't botch our crotch
Kristine Alipio
John Ulrich
Rachael Nass
Bad bitches... and one dude.
Mandy Sellers
Amy Ellingson
Andrew Kellermann
Chandra Miller
Fishermen handshakes for all
Kendra Swanson
Jessica LaRoi
lissie levin
Matt Persin
Tim Carroll
Danny Carroll
witchy vibes
Bri the witch
Kaley Callaghan
Ben Orloff
Maggie Sack
Do you’re best
Jonathan Kahler
Meatballs and Gravy
Drew Kleinmeyer
Jeremy Neuman
Brian Schneider
Ketan Patel
Knob Bocces
Chris Galligan
Julia Brieger
Throwing our pallinos in the air like ya just don’t care
Allassandra Ventola
Katy Shelman
Lauren Vollmer
Grace Carollo
Three fingers please
David Bremner
Max Komnenich
Kyle Welter
Bulb and Bocce
Katie Lynn
Bridget Lynn
Everyone's Favorite
Michael Snow
Brittany McDonough
Carolyn Fiori
Andreina Ramones
Our game, like your mom, has holes
Dan Kaman
Craig Glover
John Brady
A team of rookies ready to rock BocceDome
Megan Smith
Cassandra Hamilton
Kristin Rennels
Sarah Fanto
Daniel Berkowitz
Daniel Morrow
OG's, Bangers, and Rolling Rats all in one place
Joe Ramirez
Joshua Meyer
Bill Ryan
This is a bocce team description.
Reece Quesnel
Kevin Tornes

Unconfirmed Team List

Sexy AF
Anthony Lebario
Rick Swanson
Nick Griffin
Scott Sanville
Justin Ward
Jack Smith
Why so serious?
Dan Spomer
Peter Racine
Patric Gerstmayr
Jessie Morris
Just friends doing friend things.
Kasia Komperda
Karolina Komperda
Kaitlyn Martin
Karoline Reynolds