TNB BocceDome Redux Fall's Return Indoors


The temperatures are dipping, but that's never brought down the bocce spirit. If anything, it gets hotter on the courts while our city cools off. Dust off your bocce shoes if you need to, get your "going to bocce jacket" shook out and ready, cuz the BocceDome is calling out for its Tuesday Boozeday crew. 

We have room for four courts which essentially makes for limitless bocce potential. Each game is played 4v4, but you're welcome to roster more if you want. We play two games a night for the 6-week regular season then there is a one-night everyone-plays playoff party to put a crown on the season. Ballast Point and Fernet Branca have partnered with us to put delicious drinks in your hands (gotta have one to throw) and help us fill out the prize table. We go above and beyond to accommodate scheduling needs.

This league gets rolling on November 6th and comes to its conclusion on December 18th. We'll be changing venues on November 13th—if it's nice, we're on that Whiskey Business rooftop!—but it won't be a drastic geographical change. League dues remain $260 and your team's spot isn't secure til the balance is at $0. There are plenty of free agents looking for a squad, so hit us up if you're up for it but looking for a team. Email and/or 


  • $5 Ballast Point draughts
  • $4 Fernet Branca shots
  • Burrow couches for viewing and lounging
  • Bangin' playlists
  • Easy CTA access

Confirmed team list- 6 of 32

Lindsey Fisher
Donna Baldry
Sarah Aylward
those guys that step over the court and yell threecino
Dave Krone
Been here since the beginning
Jeff Pfeiffer
It's Cool
Danko Dykyj
Andy Zimmerman
Keith Young
Jacob Hendrickson
Kyle Richardson
Bada Bing!!
Justine Sirhan
Ray Crosby
Sarah Petty
Alex Davis
Aim small, miss small
Michael Richter
dana payne
Cristy Martinez
Alex Bieschke
Megan Hinton

Unconfirmed Team List

who knows? We don't have a team yet :0
Lilia Zaparaniuk
A lot of night games.
Lauren Schroeder
Lauren McDermott
Katie Trueman
Megan OMara
What's bocce buddddyyy?
Nick Iannotti
Sara Kasperski
Billy Dunlap
Lauren Segedin