Bridge 410 Bocce SNB: The Bocce HQ


The Bocce HQ in Chicago's near west side is ready to get rockin' and rollin' once again. Nice weather = out in the backyard. Nastiness = rollin' inside. Every Sunday will have plenty of friends, dog friends, football games (on TV), foosball, and beers and stuff.

In a way unique to the other league, this one become a sort of family. On Sunday we gather around the hearth of bocce and play this lovable game in a place that feels like a secret. This isn't a secret, though: We are a welcoming family. 

This league gets rolling on Sunday, October 21th, takes off Sunday, November 25th, and wraps up on December 9th. We'll get the bar situation started, but you're encouraged to bring your own booze. League dues remain $260 and your team's spot isn't secure til the balance is at $0. We are excellent at accommodating scheduling needs. There are plenty of free agents looking to play, too, if you need to fill out a squad. Hit us up at and we'll get ya sorted. 


  • Indoor/outdoor options
  • BYOB
  • Burrow couches for viewing and lounging
  • So dog and kid friendly it's wild
  • Parking lot for safe parking
  • Safe areas for bike storage


No Scores Available

Confirmed team list- 8 of 16

Rolling with our homies since 2015
Abbey Melling
Maintaining exactly the same skill level for 2+ years
Erica Bohac
Ashley Hofmann
Allie Ortlip
Feelin Hot Hot Hot
Chelsea Rose
Laura Haugen
Justine Wilson
Drew Whiting
Natalie Whiting
Back to Future
Robert Davis
Laura Hague
Mitch Greenan
Formerly Known As "You Too Can Have A Bocce Like Mine"
Kathleen Blehart
nebraska meets iowa meets dc
Tina Mital
We like bocce and we're boujee!
Karolina Komperda
Nicole Maier
Richie Renner
Chadwick Trice

Unconfirmed Team List

It's a drinking game.
Alex Gara
Lydia Willis