MNB The BocceDome - Chop Shop Deuces Wild at Chop Shop


Deuces Wild is a 2v2 league that will push the boundaries of ABC strategy. The frame format has changed, standings are adopting a point system, and teams will get 3 games per night. We can’t wait to see this baby shake out. 

We know how busy holiday traveling schedules can be so we like to use the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas to explore some experimental leagues and we think we landed on something special here. Expect a lot of the same bocce bliss; beer specials from Ballast Point and Pabst, spirit specials from Fernet Branca, rotating weekly prizes, and you better believe we save our best season-ending prizes for the end of the year. 

Here's a couple of the differences between this and a typical ABC league: 

5 Frame Games: Each game will be played not to a score or time, but to 5 frames. Whatever the score is after those 5 frames is the outcome. Frames will be played “2v2 walking”. 

Rosters and Subs: ABC requests that teams only carry 2 players on their roster and only pull subs from outside of the league 

Point-based Standings:

Loss - 0 points

Tie - 1 point

Win - 3 points

Shutout or Knockout - 4 points (shutting your opponent out or scoring 10 points or more after 5 frames) 


  • $4 Ballast Point Draft Specials
  • $3 PBR tallboys
  • $4 Fernet Branca shots
  • easy access to Damen/Milwaukee Blue Line Stop
  • Full Food service


No Scores Available

Confirmed team list- 44 of 46

...with Cheese.
Michael Snow
Patrick Petrillo
Like Nachos. Only Italian.
Dan Kaman
Hora Del Martillo!
Michael Brady
Keith Kofoed
short n stout
Julia Brieger
Matt Brieger
the best members of Volotron
Andy Zimmerman
Dave Krone
a little bit of BöChay
Jessica LaRoi
Matt Persin
None needed
Will Baker
Kelly McCabe
aka Base Layer
Daniel Morrow
Jonathan Kahler
The pretty ones.
Sean Krone
Joseph Blumenshine
Elliott Robinson
Cory O'Connor
For Those About to Bocc
Danko Dykyj
Keith Young
You already know.
Andrew Benzer
Kurtis Pozsgay
Twins obsessed with Bocce
Katie Lynn
Bridget Lynn
a little bit of BöChay
Kendra Swanson
We're just here to beat the Davids.
Nick Myers
The fearsome Alla and KT duo
Katy Shelman
Allassandra Ventola
No one goes beyond the reef!
Nick Griffin
2x2 Monday
Carolyn Fiori
Andreina Ramones
Chris Galligan
a little bit of BöChay
Tim Carroll
Danny Carroll
The first true test of our marriage.
Natalie Whiting
Drew Whiting
Hill & Britt
Brittany McDonough
Vanessa and Nick. TBD
Vanessa Garippo
Low rolling badasses
Patric Gerstmayr
Peter Racine
it's a wave
Matt David
Alex Gara
Serving you defeat with a side of pig face.
Alicia Harvey
Rick Swanson
Rollin Darts.
Dan Brown
Kristine Alipio
cashin checks and snappin necks
Val Pinskiy
Dana Klaczak
Whiskey and Malort
Dan Spomer
Megan OMara
Fins up
Milan Tomic
Paul Munda
Nick Blaul
the better half of Ecinssa.
Sergio Santillan
"So watery, and yet there's a smack of ham to it"
Lauren McDermott
Lo Lo
We few men sail the ocean blue, tossing red stones and clutching cold brew
David Bremner
Max Komnenich
OG's, Bangers, and Rolling Rats all in one place
Joe Ramirez
Joshua Meyer
Bill Ryan
I don't know, we can't see out of our third ball?
Jay Rosenblum
Chris Mathews
Balls Out
Amy Goodburn
matt montgomery
Erica Bohac
Just two peas in a pot! Super down to earth but also high as a kite most of the time.
Paige Burnes
Tony Tijerina
David Busa
Jay & Kimber
Jason Palacio
Kim Neilson
Jeff Julian
Nick Murawski
Clawing away wins
billy zureikat
Keenan King
jessie and jimby.
James Sisto
Garrett Berg
Kate Adams

Unconfirmed Team List

One small snip for man
Kevin Kurasch
Dominick Campagna
The baddest bitches east of the missississippi. One is a professor and the other is in marketing and together they will take over the world
Joey Maginot
McD's is globally respected
Alex Gara
John Brady