Bridge 410 Bocce Jingle Balls 2018


Jingle Balls is a year-end celebration of each and every member of our community with a bocce tournament serving as a centerpiece to the night's festivities. This year, we'll be doing things differently in an effort to allow more inclusion, more open bocce courts, and more exciting features.

Welcome to Mixed Doubles. 

Register as a team of two. Call yourselves whatever you want. (Remember, you can have as many teams as you'd like on our new platform). Once the tournament sells out - it always sells out! - Alex and Matt will do a live drawing where we will pair teams at random. We will then embarrass ourselves by creating new mashup names for all of the teams. 

The tournament will start on all four courts at 3:00 p.m (2 hours before doors). The championship game will be played on the party's featured court around 6:30, so hopefully you're a pressure player ;)

Teams are guaranteed at least two games and the entry fee - $50 per pair will go towards a pool of prizes for the evening, including some exciting new swag and CA$H prizes. 


  • gated lot and street parking
  • quick walk to green line, less than a mile from Blue Line
  • beer, wine, and shot bar
  • priority access to ABC Wheel of Destiny
  • Badass prizes


No Scores Available

Confirmed team list- 41 of 41

when you kiss the palino, you kiss the face of god
Andy Zimmerman
Dave Krone
Paul and Milan and harry and marv
Milan Tomic
Paul Munda
Twins obsessed with Bocce
Katie Lynn
Bridget Lynn
it is a play on Feliz Navidad but we are dog dad's so FELIZ NAVIDADS get it!??!?!?
billy zureikat
Our Cat's Name is Phil and we really like Bocce
Tawni Leewood
Sam Leewood
The appetizer, not to be confused with the Ben & Jerry's flavor or the Alec Baldwin sketch
Marissa Herbstman
Randy Herbstman
Holiday bocce, ya’ll
Jackie Semko
Two queens of orient are
Katie Trueman
Lauren McDermott
Dairy Products
Rick Swanson
Nick Griffin
Komarek Team- Spanish, Englisch, German
Marko Hillebrand
Nick Ospina
a little bit of BöChay
Kendra Swanson
sing-along sunday
Brenden Wysocki
Lisa Vanacora
One Gremlin, One Goblin
Katie Freeman
Nicole Benzer
Blowing on Floo Floobers and eating roast beast
Robert Davis
Laura Hague
The name says it all...if you know what I mean ;)
Kevin Tornes
Taber Stockstill
When the Dutch Rudders cannot compete as a whole team, you get just the helper.
Jon Tavernier
Tim Sodko
Mixed Doubles
Mandy Rinder
Lyndsey Toeppen
Jeremy Neuman
Feel the meat
Ketan Patel
John Brady
Michael Brady
The fearsome Alla and KT duo
Katy Shelman
Allassandra Ventola
Charlie and Jared
Jared McPartlin
Charlie Nahra
Trekking in from the 'burbs to get our bocce fix!
Matt Huser
In and ready to grin
Ellie Meyer
They've gotta be perfect
Kathleen Blehart
Why’s the carpet all wet?
Lo Lo
Bryce Barnes
We’re bringing our dog
Natalie Whiting
Drew Whiting
Mixed couples are the best couples
Jerry Nwosuocha
Keep the change.
Scott Evard
Stephanie Evard
Jessie and Spomer
Jessie Morris
Dan Spomer
Like I said I’m on it
Danko Dykyj
Cory O'Connor
Sergio Santillan
Nick Blaul
Holiday Team
Angela Simonetta
sarah berggren
Brett Brewer
Emily Cuny
Natalie Reicher
Elise Grover
Peter Vorhees
Kasia Majkowski
Brett Brewer
Kasia Majkowski
Jay Rosenblum
Justine Sirhan
Brian Saunders
Jingle Balls
Keith Kofoed
Mackenzie Scott
2 Rad Folks
Kathy Lucas

Unconfirmed Team List

Rach & Lyd
Lydia Willis
Rachel Lindy