Bridge 410 Bocce Gorgeous Ladies of Bocce


Compete in our Gorgeous Ladies of Bocce tournament and raise money for Girls Rock Chicago!

Sign up either as a team of 2 or a team of 4. We are asking for $25 per player, with 100% of the dues getting donated to Girls Rock Chicago! 

The tournament is on Sunday, February 17th. Doors are at 2:00 and first game begins at 3:00. Sorry boys, this tournament is for women (and gender non-conforming) only. But you are welcome to come and support the day by getting tickets at Event Brite

As the tongue-and-cheek title may suggest, this event is loosely themed off of GLOW - the women's wrestling circuit recently made famous by the hit NETFLIX show. Does this mean your team has to dress up an elaborate costume and take on lavish alter-egos? No. Does it mean that type of behavior would be encouraged and most-likely rewarded? Hell yeah, sister.

Hit us up if you have questions! 



No Scores Available

Confirmed team list- 8 of 16

High waisted, High profile
Alicia Harvey
Lydia Willis
Rachel Lindy
We just want to party
Gabrielle Henderson
Jessi Busby
Katie Abunassar
Emma Purola
Ladies dream team!
Lauren McDermott
Katie Trueman
Kate Adams
we are tough ladies!
Kendra Swanson
Karin Swanson
Ginny Funk
Eileen Harris
Nick, Adriann, Jeff and Janet... sometimes others.
Nick Murawski
Janet Engel
Jeff Julian
Allah, Bella, Andi, and Allie -- A3+B!!
Allison Kaman
Allassandra Ventola
Carolyn Fiori
Hillary Lytle
Jessie Morris
The Raccoons' lady squad
Allison Kooser
Carly McGuire
Katie Morgan
Jackie Haisley
Jessica Haisley

Unconfirmed Team List

mothers of BöChay
Kim Swanson
Alba Carroll
Laura Hague