ThNB Chicago Distilling Co. Season 2: Win & Tonic


The ball rolling strong over at Chicago Distilling Company in 2019. It's the perfect league to get your bocce career rolling if you're a rookie (or rookie adjacent). And it's the perfect night to get the ball rolling on that experimental second team you've been considering or to revive the team you've left behind. And the perfect venue for these Spring evenings—big open doors let in the weather when it's nice and keep it away when it's raging. 

Chicago Distilling really rolls the red carpet out for our social, mildly competitive bocce league experience. The room captures the American Bocce Community vibes just right. Two courts sit side-by-side and there's plenty of front row seating to take in the action. They drop the price on a wide array of perfectly crafted highball cocktails because they love us. CDCo. recently paired with Don Chema & 2ndKitchen to bring food to you quick and easily, a huge bonus for those that have rolled there before and left a little woozier than expected. 

With our Packabocce courts and high grade AstroTurf setup, the balls roll as true as any venue in Chicago. It's long been a place where future bocce stars and heavy hitters get their start. It may be the location, it may be the quality of the roll and room, it may be the drinks, but it's definitely something you should experience for yourself. Email if you need help filling a 4-player team or have any other questions.

League Details: Season begins on Wednesday, March 20th. Playoffs are on Wednesday, April 24th. First games get rolling at 6:30 and the last at 10:00. Chicago Distilling Co. is at 2359 W. Milwaukee Ave, on the bustling strip of bars, restaurants, coffeeshops, galleries and shops. Two courts means we top out at 16 teams for this one. 

ABC League Standards: Teams of four play two games a night for a six-week regular season. All teams play in a one-night playoff. Season schedule is available by the end of the first week. Game time needs and requests are almost always accommodated. A team can roster 4-8 players. League dues are $300/team. Your spot in the league is not guaranteed until the balance is at $0. 


  • Highball craft cocktail specials
  • Easy CTA access + paid street parking
  • Schedules & standings on the website
  • Class Ratings + other stats
  • Food readily available from Don Chema


Rank Team Wins Losses Differentials Points For Points Against
1 My Pallino Curves 4 0 33 44 11
2 Palino Escobar 4 0 24 46 22
3 Dutch Rudders 3 1 24 44 20
4 linda 3 1 15 38 23
5 Gartner Snakes 2 1 10 30 20
6 Harvey's Wall Bangers 2 2 8 43 35
7 Cory’s Angels 2 2 5 40 35
8 Team Beef 2 2 -3 37 40
9 Ball Busters 2 2 -8 27 35
10 Roll With It 2 2 -8 28 36
11 High rollers 1 2 -5 21 26
12 The Big LaBocce 1 3 -13 25 38
13 Mi disbocce, No disbocce 1 3 -14 25 39
14 Our balls touch, too 1 3 -15 27 42
15 Raccoons in a Denim Jacket 1 3 -23 20 43
16 Killer Roll-bots 0 0 0 0 0
17 Scot-ce Ballers 0 4 -30 20 50

Confirmed team list- 16 of 16

Bocce Team
Corinne Thomas
Eleni Steinman
Megan Kelly
Nicollette Gutzwiller
Jenny Lopez
Michael Cummings
Trash Pandas
Ian Haisley
Katie Morgan
Ian McKee
Allison Kooser
Carly McGuire
Lauren Thorn
Reece Quesnel
Justin Schlitz
Patrick McPadden
bocce team
Louise Sharrow
Laura jacobs
Dan Roth
Dominic Vercellino
Scots playing Boccee
Gustave Fuguitt
Robert Bansberg
Liz Sweeney
Annie Peterson
George Braithwaite
Bocce Team
Karin Swanson
Kristen Swanson
Jon Peterson
Jeremiah Holt
Lending a Hand Since 2015
Tim Sodko
Jon Tavernier
Dan O'Malley
Alejandra Vasquez
All casinos are created of blood and fire
Joyce Felipe
Beth Perillo
Na-il Tamimi
Jessie Coello
if you aint first, you're last
Peter Apple
Tudor Cisloiu
Lewis Thompson
If you can't beat 'em down the middle, try your luck at some WALL BALL!
Joshua Collingwood
warren tutwiler
Yessica Droege
Brian Crissie
We're more fun than we are skilled...
Bridget OBRIEN
Jaime Ferrante
can't tell you
Alex Gara
Nick Griffin
Lydia Willis
New Roster
Jonathon Heilbronn
ryan negrinelli
David Smith
Drew Rodriguez
Cara Condon
Mike Anthony
Maggie Gryglak
Logan Square
Sean Carney
Michael Connors
Matt Glowacz
Robert Balcerzak

Unconfirmed Team List

Destruction is fun!
Dan Spomer
Josh Woolard