Nebraska Mini Mart Tuesdays in Tampa


Tampa's favorite new social sports league has arrived! Join us each Tuesday, starting in March, when we run our special brand of bocce ball at Nebraska Mini Mart. Each team will play two league games a night on the Mini Mart's pristine new bocce courts.

No skill or previous experience is necessary. This league is for bocce enthusiasts and newcomers alike, and our inclusive blend of camaraderie and competition guarantees that win or lose, you'll be glad you signed up! 

So enjoy the bocce, but also enjoy the experience of developing a new community with American Bocce and Nebraska Mini Mart. You've heard of our GOLDEN RULE that players must have a beverage in hand to throw? Well, the Mini Mart's fun and approachable drink menu should make that rule pretty palatable! 

The league goes for 7 weeks (with one built-in bye week for weather emergency). 12 games during the regular season and 1 epic playoff night full of prizes and fun! Teams play with 4 players per game and can hold up to 8 players on their roster. Additional rules and gameplay standards can be found on the homepage. 

[Join us on Friday, March 1st for a launch party and opportunity to familiarize yourself with American Bocce] 

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Confirmed team list- 4 of 16

Home Team
Chris Martin
Ferrell Alvarez
Ty Rodriguez
Kevin Petresky
Brian Lampe
James Azzariti
Amanda Milford
Ryan Henry
mitchell cook
We don't use yeast
Ryan Dowdle
Florida Eats
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Unconfirmed Team List

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Jeremy Sampedro
McD's is globally respected
Alex Gara
John Brady
Diesel Fitness Staff
Max Cicero
Candace Holland
Brendan Smith
Rob Joslin
Cornbread Mafia
Tim Muessig
TJ Thieneman
Kelsey Badger
Jon Hood
Jonathan Skipper
Orianna Ruiz-Roque
7th Sun Brewing
7venth Sun