ThNB Brickhouse Bocce Season 2: Spring Training


A bocce league in the shadow of Wrigley Field. A chance to bring glory to this hallowed block. The thunk of your toss hitting the turf. The crack of hitting another bocce ball. The roar of an excited (and yes, somewhat inebriated) crowd. Spring Training will be about taking advantage of opportunities—whether it's to hit that clutch CASINO, get out on the patio on a nice day, or win your first bocce championship. 

The rolls at Wrigleyville's Brickhouse Tavern are some of the sweetest you'll find. (To that end, be on the lookout for a turf upgrade.) The energy around all the games is contagious and just plain fucking awesome. It's a league with friends of old and friends of new and you better believe that brings some rivalries along with it.

This is a great league for beginners. If you're a bocce veteran reading those words and thinking a championship is there for the taking, then you are kindly mistaken. If you're short of 4 to make a team, then reach out to us— and—and we'll make it happen.  

League Details: Season begins on Thursday, March 14th. Playoffs are on Thursday, April 25th. First games get rolling at 6:30 and the last at 10:00. 

ABC League Standards: Teams of four play two games a night for a six-week regular season. All teams play in a one-night playoff. Season schedule is available by the end of the first week. Game time needs and requests are almost always accommodated. A team can roster 4-8 players. League dues are $300/team. Your spot in the league is not guaranteed until the balance is at $0. 


  • MegaMule Games of the Week
  • Sam, the best bartender
  • Fernet Branca sponsored + specials
  • Bud draft and can specials
  • Highball specials
  • Easy CTA access + paid street parking


Rank Team Wins Losses Differentials Points For Points Against
1 Chicago Handshakers 7 1 46 88 42
2 Boccesaurus Rex 7 1 42 81 39
3 4 inches is standard 6 2 37 83 46
4 Bocce Inside, How Bout Dat? 6 2 23 79 56
5 Verbocce Verbocce 6 2 2 74 72
6 Don’t look at my balls 5 3 28 87 59
7 Russ the Bus 5 3 18 82 64
8 John Boccegross 5 3 15 71 56
9 Joanie loves Bocce! 5 5 11 86 75
10 My Neck, My Back, My Bocce and My Crack 4 4 12 71 59
11 Bocce Smalls 4 4 7 69 62
12 Party In My Pallino 4 4 0 63 63
13 Side of Ranch 4 4 -4 58 62
14 #TEAM!!!!!!! 4 4 -6 64 70
15 Wrigleyville Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bocce 4 4 -10 63 73
16 Son of a Be-occ 3 5 5 72 67
17 Bocce Has A Great Personality 3 5 -17 60 77
18 Team Lesley 3 5 -24 49 73
19 Channel 4 News Team 3 5 -25 55 80
20 Love is a Boccefield 3 5 -31 56 87
21 Somebocce to love 2 6 -22 50 72
22 Neither Precise, Nor Accurate 2 6 -46 42 88
23 Ballsagna 1 7 -29 48 77
24 Bocce’s Never Say Die 1 7 -32 55 87

Confirmed team list- 22 of 24

Richie Renner
Luke Mussay
Greg Vernon
Travis Maxwell
The Catch Co. Data Team
Natalie Robinson
Nick Johnson
Sidney Fox
Geoffrey Champlin
We're Not Above It!
George Rosch
matt montgomery
Nick Neu
Monica Siggelkov
Bad mo-fos
Steve Heftman
Thomas Popovics
Migos made us do it.
Kerry Cummings
Katie Zimmer
Andrew Acosta
Julia Storm
Kelly Blahnik
Gabrielle Henderson
Georgina Scott
Andrew Lysaught
Alex Howard
Katie Abunassar
Emma Purola
Bocce Smalls
Sarah Cuneo
Scott Henke
Joseph Yakle
Brett Carrillo
Carmen Miller
4 inches is standard
Mario Dato
Scott Olson
Julian Batula
Beginner team looking to have fun.
Stephanie Moon
Tierney Mason
Nicholas Zausch
Celeste Kopperl
emily Double
Justin Russell's Bocce Ball Franchise
Dominick DeJuilio
Kate Phalen
Patrice Rosenberg
Michael Dvorak
Rebecca Bograd
Kyle Sanders
Kaitlyn Martin
Bailey Van Horne
Karolina Komperda
Emily Martin
We are Ballsagna!
Angela Simonetta
sarah berggren
Leo J. Marino IV
Matt Maestranzi
Bustin Ballz
Jared McPartlin
Ashley Funk
Ready to Roll!
Michelle Corbett
Brandon Spencer
Allie Haling
Michael Sanderson
Malort - I'll have another!
Andrew Benzer
Brandon McMahon
Yesuah Iniguez
Megan OMara
Brickhouse Tavern league
Holly Gosse
Beau Gosse
Brandon Gaty
Emily Fries
Kayla Walsh
Jacob Denault
Kali Moskalik
Here for the beer
Justin Kerzie
Emily Krippinger
Robert Schroeder
Charlie Nahra
Hey, you guys!
Jackie Semko
Phil Dziedzic
abby herstich
cheryl reimer
Tamale Sepp
Annie Duranowski
Sports league gals
Lesley January
Wendy Springgate
Genevieve Ford
Cortney Babiarz
Danielle DeBeliso
Ryan Salkoff
Elizabeth Ojile
Katie Trueman
Lauren McDermott
Ellie Meyer
Lo Lo
Rookie team
Susan Korn
John Hoeksema
Brigid Congdon
Eric Congdon
Justin Zeeb
Devin Doheny
Sean Sodko
Bill Sindewald
Billy Stadelmann
Roman Long

Unconfirmed Team List

Same team same nuts
Patric Gerstmayr
Peter Racine
Anthony Mitchell
Zak Baker
Do it good.
Amy Goodburn
Jason Palacio
Dave Sonnenberg