Brew Detroit Brews and Bocce Spring


Indoor bocce is back in Detroit! 

SPRING FEVER BOCCE is here!  A social sports league each Tuesday at Brew Detroit. Heavy emphasis on SOCIAL. Join our special blend of camaraderie and competition for a 7-week season kicking off on MARCH 26TH.  Teams play two games a week for six weeks and finish off with epic playoffs and season celebration on Tuesday, MAY 7TH! Things are epic on the bocce battlefield!

So find your best squad of four or more, and sign up today. In addition to the bocce you'll enjoy great specials on craft beer and Stroh's, weekly mini games and prizes, team taco dinners, and plenty more. 



Rank Team Wins Losses Differentials Points For Points Against
1 Son of a Bocce 12 0 103 150 47
2 The Mighty Mighty Toss Stones 10 2 70 141 71
3 La Bocce Vita 7 5 33 124 91
4 My Lady Balls 7 5 10 103 93
5 Bocce Balls of Fury 6 6 -11 94 105
6 TBD bocce pun 5 7 -38 71 109
7 Desbocceto 4 8 -50 74 124
8 Barack O*Bocce 2 10 -36 82 118
9 bocc it to me 1 11 -81 50 131

Confirmed team list- 9 of 16

We came to play bocce ball at Brew Detroit
Clint Vericker
Trent Trisch
Irina Markova
Jonathan Greenberg
Booze & Casino's
Marc Amabile
Steven Pelletier
Eric Plotkowski
Cameron Henige
4 ladies
Beth Kraft
Jessica Downham
Dawn Grant
Kimberly Moon
Maureen Sturza
I want to see your hair dance
Elena Nuno
John Jaranson
Peggy Kearney
Andy Wright
Robert Craig
Robby Mills
sarah feldman
Life is all about how you throw the palina,,
Vincent Ziols
Michael Michalak
Bryn Dixon
Chris Bachelder
we don't play no games, we came to roll over these hoes
vanessa larson
Elizabeth Hanlon
hot chicks with accurate balls
Kelsey Hubbell

Unconfirmed Team List