TNB Whiskey Business (outdoors) Season 3: Rooftop Rolls, Noyce!


The Whiskey Business rooftop is a bocce paradise, friends. They've turfed out the whole rooftop and the rolls are soft and approachable. The cabana seating is great to kick back on with friends of old and new between games and New Belgium brews. The staff is top notch and the cafe lights give a great ambiance just enough light to see your way to the pallino.

We're always looking for ways to bring new+more life to the ABC league experience. This season you can look forward to games of the week, the occasional carnival style mini game, themes and perks that require little of you but being there to enjoy it. Enjoy what's sure to be a string of sweet Spring nights on Milwaukee Avenues best bocce playing rooftop.

The league can accommodate three courts, which allows for 24 teams. We break off into two conferences, one early and one late. Find the conference that is right for your schedule, but know that it's done on a first come, first served basis. Also know that we got ya on New Belgium craft beer goodness on special and that Fernet Branca is the official spirit of ABC. (The specials won't stop there, though.)

League Details: Season begins on Tuesday, May 14th. Playoffs are on Tuesday, June 25th. First games get rolling at 6:30 and the last at 10:00.

ABC League Standards: Teams of four play two games a night for a six-week regular season. All teams play in a one-night playoff. Season schedule is available by the end of the first week. Game time needs and requests are almost always accommodated. A team can roster 4-8 players. If you want to play don't have a full squad, contact and/or and he'll get ya moving in the right direction. League dues are $300/team. Your spot in the league is not guaranteed until the balance is at $0. 


  • Schedule & Standings on your player profile
  • Class Ratings + other stats
  • Carnival style Mini Games (time allowing)
  • Easy CTA access + paid street parking
  • Food & Booze specials


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Confirmed team list- 10 of 24

Family bonding
Lilia Zaparaniuk
Kiss our butts, bocces!
Tori Conner
Jayme Czocher
Eric Cady
Michael Malmsbury
Bocce Team
Matt Brieger
Matthew Markiewicz
Cory O'Connor
From the JAMA Network
Caroline Sietmann
Daniel Morrow
We like Cheese
Chris Galligan
Julia Brieger
Living our best boc-chi lives!
Lauren Fondriest
Sam Shulman
Jacqueline Williams
Pamela Epstein
Amanda Affetto
Emily Simantel
Kelly Haas
Back to Future
Robert Davis
Laura Hague
Mitch Greenan
A team of rookies ready to rock BocceDome
Megan Smith
Cassandra Hamilton
Kristin Rennels
Not trying to be the best at exercising.
Michael Snow
Joshua Kinney
Patrick Petrillo
can we have no 630 games
TONY DiCostanzo
Tony DiCostanzo
Bill Benne

Unconfirmed Team List

Danko Dykyj
Bada Bing!!
Justine Sirhan
Ray Crosby
Sarah Petty
Alex Davis
What's bocce buddddyyy?
Nick Iannotti
Sara Kasperski
Billy Dunlap