WNB Cleo's (outdoors) Season 3: Patio Bocce [Wed]


ABC + Cleo's + you all made a rousing success of 2018's best new bocce venue. Holy S#IT is this venue fun. The city’s #1 soccer bar is definitely making a play to be the top bocce bar, too. This Ukrainian Village staple and it’s famed patio have expanded and built out two glorious bocce courts. The sand and crushed gravel mix is tightly packed for an authentic bocce feel. 

This is a new(ish) venue, but it’s already made a name for itself. We're giving it two nights to beam it's beer and bocce bright lights into our Chicago Summer nights. We'll be bringing the same ABC spirit as ever: Highly social, moderately competitive, drink-in-hand approach to the timeless game of bocce ball. There’s no skill necessary to get started, just an appetite for mid-week fun. With two leagues at the same venue, I'm imagining a lot of chances for crossover competition and big time bragging rights. Get in it and win it.

League Details: Season begins on Wednesday, May 15th. Playoffs are on Wednesday, June 26th (barring weather setbacks). First games get rolling at 6:30 and the last at 10:00. If Mother Nature throws us a wet curveball, then we'll reschedule. You don't lose games cuz it rains. 

ABC League Standards: Teams of four play two games a night for a six-week regular season. All teams play in a one-night playoff. Season schedule is available by the end of the first week. Game time needs and requests are almost always accommodated. A team can roster 4-8 players. If you want to play don't have a full squad, contact danspomer@americanbocceco.com and/or matt@americanbocceco.com and he'll get ya moving in the right direction. League dues are $300/team. Your spot in the league is not guaranteed until the balance is at $0.



Rank Team Wins Losses Differentials Points For Points Against
1 linda 6 2 40 88 48
2 Sister Wives 6 2 24 76 52
3 Boccelism 5 3 14 77 63
4 Ball Not So Hard 5 3 14 79 65
5 ASAP as possible 5 3 10 74 64
6 Joanie Loves Bocce 5 3 1 77 76
7 The Basic Bocces 5 3 -3 68 71
8 Clams & Pallini 4 4 15 82 67
9 Boccemacallit 4 4 -1 70 71
10 Halo Angels 4 4 -7 69 76
11 Son of a Beocce 3.0 4 4 -18 60 78
12 Ecinssa 3 5 14 76 62
13 Bocce Bocce Yip Yip 2 6 -18 58 76
14 Palino Escobar 2 6 -27 61 88
15 Gaveliers 2 6 -29 57 86
16 Beyoccé 2 6 -29 52 81

Confirmed team list- 16 of 16

Gals who want to have fun winning!
Lilia Zaparaniuk
Alicia Harvey
Kim French
Vanessa Garippo
"Love should be multiplied, not divided" -Kody Brown
Lauren McDermott
Dan Spomer
Lo Lo
Megan OMara
Jessie Morris
Fins up
Milan Tomic
Paul Munda
Nick Blaul
Aim small, miss small
Michael Richter
Cristy Martinez
Alex Bieschke
Megan Hinton
Brad Bercovitz
Poorly prepared and undercooked.
Joe Drake
T Scott Collier
Formerly known as bippity bocce boo
Marissa Herbstman
caroline davis
Randy Herbstman
Nick Neu
Hindman Auctions Company Team
NIcholas Coombs
Nicholas Gordon
Genevieve King
Taylor Sheppard
Courtney Feightner
Rita Weidner
The jack of clams
Philip Corrado
can't tell you
Alex Gara
Nick Griffin
Lydia Willis
A collection of misfits
Ginny Funk
Emmett Fruin
Ryan Newman
Roxanne Chow
Claire Parschauer
All casinos are created of blood and fire
Joyce Felipe
Beth Perillo
Na-il Tamimi
Jessie Coello
So basic
Luke Paskevich
Matt Godfrey
Dan Stipanuk
Beocce all day
Jeff Jones
John Beyer
Mike Michalski
Alex Drumm
Yip Yips!
Kathy Lucas
Queen B(occe)
AJ Rahm

Unconfirmed Team List