Crossroads Kansas City Wednesday Night Rooftop Bocce


The Percheron Rooftop Bar just so happens to be a new bocce paradise in the heart of the Crossroads neighborhood of KC.  The turfed pitch overlooks the entire city, beckoning for a new generation of stone tossers. Kansas City doesn't have a ton of bocce, and it certainly doesn't have any bocce like this yet! 

Our special brand of bocce is highly social and approachable. We've teamed up with local favorites J. Rieger to deliver specialty cocktails and drink specials centered around our rooftop rolls. And that's important to note because of our Golden Rule. That's right, folks, players must have a drink in hand to throw. And that aint no joke. 

The league can accommodate two courts, which allows for 16 teams. Sign up today, and help us build our latest American Bocce community. 

League Details: Season begins on Wednesdat June 26th. Playoffs are on Wednesday, August 14th. . First games get rolling at 6:30 and the last at 10:00.

ABC League Standards: Teams of four play two games a night for a six-week regular season. All teams play in a one-night playoff. Season schedule is available by the end of the first week. Game time needs and requests are almost always accommodated. A team can roster 4-8 players. If you want to play don't have a full squad, contact and/or and he'll get ya moving in the right direction. League dues are $300/team. Your spot in the league is not guaranteed until the balance is at $0.



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Megan Hillen
Joshua Hillen
Juliane Lewis
Kathryn Gamm
Casey Walker
Matt Walker
Mark Bilezikjian
Stephen Bastasch