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Who’s ready for a solid hump day hang at Half Acre? We know we are. The new biergarten at the Half Acre Balmoral will play host to our latest league - sure to be a hit with north-siders. The patio and the bocce court are brand new. The food is delicious. And the beer is -well you know how good the beer is, it’s Half frickin Acre. 

This is an intimate and exclusive league, expected to sell out quickly. 

League Details: Season begins on Wednesday, June 19th. Playoffs are on Wednesday, August 7th. If the weather doesn’t cooperate, we’re bringing the portable courts and setting up inside! First games get rolling at 6:15 and the last around 10:00. To be crystal clear, we are talking about the Half Acre location on Bowmanville off of Balmoral. 

ABC League Standards: Teams of four play two games a night for a six-week regular season. All teams play in a one-night playoff. Season schedule is available by the end of the first week. Game time needs and requests are almost always accommodated. A team can roster 4-8 players. If you want to play don't have a full squad, contact matt@americanbocceco.com and he'll get ya moving in the right direction. League dues are $300/team. Your spot in the league is not guaranteed until the balance is at $0. 



No Scores Available

Confirmed team list- 8 of 8

A Winning Combo of Bocce and Malort.
Katie Freeman
Andrew Benzer
Nicole Benzer
Megan OMara
Alicia Harvey
bocce mapping's global authority
Andy Zimmerman
Vito Buonsante
Miles Russell
Do you watch Battlestar Galactica? No? Well, you're an idiot.
John Vitale
La Bocce Vita
Dave Krone
Lauren Pantaleo
Connor Koster
Ashley Pantaleo
Half more than Half
billy zureikat
ICP, Faygo, Bocce
Kevin Bray
Colleen Abad
Mari Bray
Scott Geryol
Kelli Hall
Corey Abad
Sean G
Your Bocce is a Wonderland
Benjamin Holzrichter
Mary Mantia
Ryan O'Hern
Jimmy Stephens
Marisa Pater
sarah berggren
Leo J. Marino IV

Unconfirmed Team List