West Loop Box Shops 2v2 Rookie Tournament


We are teaming up with our friends at Chicago Sun Times to bring you a FREE 2 on 2 tournament in the <3 of the West Loop on Saturday, July 27th. 

The Made in Chicago team has allowed us month-long access to their Box Shop (part of the Box Shops by Related pop-up) to bring all of the bocce goodness. That will commence in an afternoon tournament for ABC first-timers and relative rookies. 

To be more specific: this tournament is a NO SKILL NECESSARY tournament and is reserved for American Bocce players in their first year of experience brand spanking new ballers. 

The tournament will be from 3:00pm - 6:00pm and game format will be determined by the amount of teams. If you register, you will receive an email between July 23-25 with more specifics for the day-of. 

Questions? Email alex@americanbocceco.com



No Scores Available

Confirmed team list- 10 of 16

Richie Renner
Luke Mussay
Greg Vernon
Travis Maxwell
Kaitlyn Martin
Bailey Van Horne
Karolina Komperda
Emily Martin
Trash Pandas
Ian Haisley
Katie Morgan
Ian McKee
Allison Kooser
Carly McGuire
Lauren Thorn
Bocce Ball
Matt Mize
Mark Glasser
Paul Porcaro
John Palarz
Hindman Auctions Company Team
NIcholas Coombs
Nicholas Gordon
Genevieve King
It's going tibia good time
Mallory Kosow
Bhumi Patel
Val Pinskiy
Sarah Hamilton
margaret lester
Kaitlyn Forell
Arya Mirsajedin
Laura Preston
girls who like hibachi and bocce
Talia Malkin
Annie Polan
Lauren Koenig
Jasmine Garcia
Rebecca Miller
Kelsey Spresser
Meredith Diamond
Maryclaire Heldring
The fun loving crew of Livin' La Vida Bocce are back with a new and improved name for this summer season! We may not be as experienced as some but we sure do bring the energy each week. I wouldn't understimate us though, super host Stephen will whip us into shape with pre-season practice for our hearts, minds and livers.
Rachel England
Margaret Leiby
Feelin Grabby
Phil Dziedzic
Annie Duranowski
Elizabeth Erickson

Unconfirmed Team List