MNB The BocceDome - Chop Shop Season 4: 2v2 Summer Fling


Two things that we knew needed a comeback: Bocce at Chop Shop and the 2v2 format. So, grab your teammate of choice and see if you can put your stamp on our history books as one of the game's great duos. 

You'll be rocking three games a night for the first three weeks of the season. Then we break off into two brackets for the playoffs: Title and Consolation. It's a seeded single-elimination bracket and you can expect upsets, Cinderella runs and tears of joy. 

Goose Island will be flexing that King of Chicago muscle with specials and prizes. Fernet is ever present and always excellent. There are plenty of spots in the league, but this format is a favorite for many reasons and will likely fill up quickly. Scheduling requests will be honored to the best of our ability with the priority going in order of registration. Speaking of registration, here is your reminder that your spot in the league is only secure once your team's balance is at $0

If you're looking to play, but can't find a partner, send a line and he'll shake the bushes for ya. 

Here's a few of the differences between this and a typical ABC league: 

  • Walk the court: You, your teammate and your opponent will walk side to side as you play your game. 
  • Home and Away: No roll offs. You're either the home team, choosing ball color and controlling where the pallino starts, or you're the away team. Evenly balanced with ya getting 4 or 5 home games.
  • 5 Frame Games: Each game will be played not to a score or time, but to 5 frames. Whatever the score is after those 5 frames is the outcome. Frames will be played “2v2 walking”. 
  • Rosters and Subs: ABC requests that teams only carry 2 players on their roster and only pull subs from outside of the league 
  • Point-based Standings:
    • Loss - 0 points
    • Tie - 1 point
    • Win - 3 points
    • Shutout or Knockout - 4 points (shutting your opponent out or scoring 10 points or more after 5 frames) 



No Scores Available

Confirmed team list- 15 of 48

"So watery, and yet there's a smack of ham to it"
Lauren McDermott
Lo Lo
...with Cheese.
Michael Snow
Patrick Petrillo
So much room for activities
Scott Henke
Joseph Yakle
Jon & Dave - 2v2
David Smith
Jonathon Heilbronn
For Those About to Bocc
Danko Dykyj
Keith Young
Dom Tortorice
Cat Jonassen
a little bit of BöChay
Jessica LaRoi
Matt Persin
None needed
Will Baker
Kelly McCabe
Happy to see 'ya 💋💄
George Rosch
Nick Neu
Jk and Paul
Jonathan Kahler
An All American Bocce Couple
Ryan Brown
Julian Ross
can we have no 630 games
TONY DiCostanzo
Tony DiCostanzo
Bill Benne
Henry Bushong
I don't know, we can't see out of our third ball?
Jay Rosenblum
Chris Mathews
it's a wave
Matt David
Alex Gara
A subsidiary of the Washington DC Shots in the Dark
Mike Vitek
Ian Dible

Unconfirmed Team List

Balls Out
Amy Goodburn
matt montgomery
Hora Del Martillo!
Michael Brady
Keith Kofoed
Shots Shots Shots
Jared McPartlin
Patric Gerstmayr
the best one-two-punch around
Dan Spomer
Jessie Morris